Shipping Options


  • Harbour Air
  • Central Mountain
  • Pacific Coastal
  • Orca Air
  • Hawke Air
  • Greyhound -Seasonal
  • Express Mail (plants and shrimp-weather permitting) 
  • Please contact me if you have shipping questions 
  • Minimum order $100.00

Shipping made easy by April Ross1011674_10151983911288651_119084534_n

Receiving your first shipment of fish is very exciting but also a bit worrisome. I felt like a new mother and of course never slept the whole night knowing they would be at the airport in the morning.


The shipper starts planning a few days ahead to organize the shipping. He starts by making sure not to feed them a day or so ahead ,depending on how long of a trip. This makes sure there is no waste in the bag and less ammonia. He arranges the shipping plans with the airline or other service and finds the most direct route to your home.


The fish are usually double or triple bagged depending on how large the fish are. The bag gets 1/3 water and 2/3 oxygen . They are placed in a Styrofoam cooler with heat packs depending on the time of year. Usually the shipper will send you a tracking number and times etc.


​Your tank should be ready to receive the new fish. Check the temperature of the bags and the ph. If the temperature is close within a couple of degrees and the tank is warmer..and the ph is only a few degrees difference you can cut the bags, drain over a net and into the tank. If further ph difference the fish should be acclimated for a time slowly