Published by barley On January 27, 2019

More new fish jan 27th

New fish arrived Sunday evening Ottocinclus Black lyretail molly Black sailfin Molly male Cardinal tetras Black hifin swords Silver flying fox Holland rams Bronze Cory Pepper Cory Albino tiger barbs Sparkling gouramis Red and white crown pearlscale Short tail Orandas Lots of beautiful Bettas in stock

Published by barley On January 25, 2019

NEw supply

Pacific driftwood Seachem prime Seachem stability Paraguard Equilibrium Hikari inch x Tropica plants New shipment . New fish. Thailand glass cats Kissing gouramis Thai silk flower horns Albino angels Platinum angels Blue angels Silver angels Black bubble eye goldfish Small red white Orandas Calico ranchus med Black ranchus medium Yellow bushy nose anxieties Sailfin mollys…

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Published by barley On January 9, 2019

New fish and tropica plants

New tropica plants and fish arrived Red swordtails Hifin red swordtails Black angels sm Koi angels sm Diamond head tetra Panda cories German rams ml Holland rams med Longfin and regular glofish Celestial eye gf Bubble eyes Pearlscale goldfish Crypt undulates Eleochsris mini Hydro lancea Litorella uniflora Marsilea crenata Monte Carlo Rotala Vietnam hra Staurogyne…

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Published by barley On December 25, 2018

Boxing Day sale and hours

Boxing Day hours and sale 12-4 only. All Fish are 25 Percent off including fancy goldfish. Lots of fish in stock. Hope everyone had or having a great Christmas season

Published by barley On December 19, 2018

Dec 20th few more new fish

More fish arrivals dec 20th Last Group until the new year ! Sterbai cories Panda cories Otocinclus Bolivian rams Green tiger barbs Green neon tetras Tiger Dario’s Hara jerdoni catfish mini Mascot half moon bettas Endlers koi pairs Golden double sword guppy pairs

Published by barley On December 19, 2018

Holiday Hours

Holiday hours Open as usual this week Dec 24th Monday closed Dec 25th closed Boxing Day short day 12-4 Dec27th-29th regular hours Dec 30th Monday closed as usual Jan 1 closed . Come on in before Christmas Lots of fish in stock! More new fish arrivals dec20th!

Published by barley On December 18, 2018

Christmas stuff

A few new things! Christmas gift ideas or treat yourself HABROSUS CORIES ,!!!! Red and green glofidh for Christmas Beautiful red and white orandas from Sitthiniti in Thailand Red and white ryukins also from Sitthiniti Ranchus also high quality. Flu all flex aquarium kits 8 gallon or 15gallins 20 gallon marina kit Fluval spec 5…

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Published by barley On December 13, 2018

Dec13th open at 1:00

I’m off to the airport to receive fish.

Published by barley On December 12, 2018

Tropica plants arrived

Narrow java fern Windelov java Wendtii tropica Pogostemon helferi Crinium calamastrstum Crypt Albida brown Nymphaea lotus green Monte Carlo Stsurogyne repens Marsilea hirsuta Hydrocoytle tripartia Gratiola viscidula Hemianthus quadricaststus Many more next week to fill For the Christmas season

Published by barley On December 12, 2018

Christmas fish arriving dec 13th

Big Christmas shipment arriving tomorrow! Anyone coming today can get the 20 percent discount on existing stock . Making room Here’s what’s coming . Black angelfish Blue clown angelfish Pinoy angels Pariba angels Electric blue rams Shorty body electric ram Snake skin guppy Mixed colour guppy Denisoni barb Odessa barb Emerald eye rasbora Glass Bloodfin…

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