Published by barley On June 18, 2018

Tropica plants arriving June 19

Plants Eleocharis mini Hc Cuba Littorella uniflora Marsilea crenata Micranthemum Monte Carlo Weeping moss Alteranthera reinicki Anubias barteri Anubias nana Bolbitis heudelotti Bucephelandra red Cyperus helferi Hygro pinnatafida Java narrow Java trident Nymphoides Taiwan

Published by barley On May 29, 2018

Hours for May 30th -June 2nd

Wednesday I won’t be at the shop tomorrow Wednesday as my family are in town for one day . Open  Thursday May 31  friday june 1  closed June 2nd Saturday  the street is closed to traffic for hats off day  Sunday open 12-4

Published by barley On May 22, 2018

New plants and fish arriving May 22nd

Tropica Marsilea crenata Monte Carlo Stsurogyne repens Flame moss Spiky moss Christmas moss Weeping moss Anubias augustfolia Anubias barteri Anubias caladifolia Anubias nana Bolbitis heudelotti Bucephalandra red Cyperus helferi Hygrophila siamensis Java narrow Java trident Other plants Lace plant narrow bulb Water hyacinth Amazon frogbit Water lettuce Salvinia natans Water chestnut Apongetan boivinanaus Apongetan capuroni…

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Published by barley On April 24, 2018

Large shipment has arrived and more tonight april 24

More arriving tonight  Thailand glass catfish German rams Assorted discus 2.5 inch  Sparkling gourami Kuboti rasboras Hara Jerdomi Dream blue shrimp Red and white oranda 9tp 10 cm Mixed colour koi 4 inch and 6 inch Black orandas 14-15 cm Assorted lion head orandas 9-10 cm Clown loaches 6.5 cm Habrosus cory  Sunset hifin platy   – Posted by April Ross Location:4097 Hastings st Burnaby BC

Published by barley On April 10, 2018

New fish arrived and Tropica

A few new fish  German rams  Holland rams Blue balloon rams Dwarf neon rainbows Platinum angels medium Red swordtails More beautiful hand selected bettas from a betta judge in Thailand A few fancy guppy trios available  A few 2.5 inch body orandas from Tevich Pom in Thailand  One yellow head ranchu also from Tevich Pom  Many new guppys  Yellow, red diamond, yellow…

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Published by barley On March 14, 2018

Next tranship april 2nd arrival

Anyone interested in preorder goldfish , bettas , fancy guppy trios from Thailand there’s still time to preorder  >}}};>March 2018 Guppy List

Published by barley On March 14, 2018

Tropica plants arrived

Next week 200 invitro arriving – Posted by April Ross Location:4097 Hastings st

Published by barley On March 2, 2018

Incoming shipment arrival March 5th

– Posted by April Ross  Black veiltail angels med Half black angel Blue clown angelfish Red eye angelfish Real blue Pinoy angelfish Geophagus winemilleri Cockatoo dwarf Apistos Deep red agassiszi Brichardi lamprologus Albino brichardi Neolprologus cylindricus Neon tetra Lemon tetra  Red beckfordi pencilfish Green neon tetra Cardinal tetra Penguin tetra Clown killie in stock  Licorice gourami in stock  Chocolate gourami in stock  Samurai gourami in stock  Gertrude’s blue eye  Bosmani rainbow…

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Published by barley On February 18, 2018

Large shipment tropical fish and shrimp

arriving feb 20th evening 2018. Update list will be Posted after arrival – Posted by April Ross Location:4097 Hastings st

Published by barley On February 10, 2018

February 2018 -4 Years open in Burnaby Heights

February is an exciting month! Olympics, Chinese New Year, roll up the rim, Valentine’s Day, my first borns bday , spring is starting to emerge in Vancouver and last but not least Aprils Aquarium has been in Burnaby Heights now for 4 years as of Feb 1..(opened in 2004 on Dunbar originally ) Also tranship fancy guppys…

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