Published by barley On January 3, 2018

Tranship from Thailand

Another tranship order from Thailand is being worked on. Any requests for bettas, flowerhorns, fancy guppys , high quality orandas or ranchus let Me Know. I will post Videos once again on fb Messenger . If you see one you like please mark it with initials. If you want to be added to the group messenger page please Ask .  Email at…

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Published by barley On December 26, 2017

Holiday hours

I will Be Closed dec 35.26,27,28th .  Someone is checking the fish for me. I thank you all for your support and hope all my customers have a great holiday. I hope to have more new and exciting things for 2018   – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On December 21, 2017

Christmas fish and flowers

New Fish and aquatic plants arriving dec 21. Have a merry Christmas  Open 21,22,23,and 12-4 dec 24th  Fluval Flex 9 gallon kit available for a gift also nice mopani driftwood, poinsettias , orchids, large Vases for bettas etc. – Posted by April Ross Location:4097 Hastings st

Published by barley On December 7, 2017

Mopani driftwood arrived

Just arrived dec 7th Also the fancy bettas from dabhak betta in Thailand have arrived as well as a few select Fancy orandas  Black moor goldfish, black medium size angelsfish , chocolate s.a. Cichlids    – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On November 27, 2017

Tropica plants arriving nov 28

Tropica plants arriving Tuesday nov 28th Anubias barteri nana Cryptocoryne beckettii ‘Petchii’ Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green’ Hygrophila ‘Siamensis 53B’ Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Microsorum pteropus ‘Narrow’ Eleocharis acicularis ‘Mini’ Glossostigma elatinoides Helanthium ‘Quadricostatus’ Micranthemum ‘Monte Carlo’ Pogostemon helferi Rotala ‘Bonsai’ Alternanthera reineckii Rosanervig Anubias barteri angustifolia Anubias barteri nana Bucephalandra sp. ‘Red’ Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Tropica’    – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On November 25, 2017

End of Nov order 29th evening

Aquatic frog Tiger shrimp Red nose shrimp Tri colour betta  Bolivian ram Holland blue ram Rasbora espei Glowlight danio Green tiger barb Lampeyes Ember tetra Rummynose tetra Black phantom Emperor tetra Red eye tetra Penguin tetra Lemon tetra Black neon tetra Neon tetra Hifin black swordtail Hidin  red swordtails Blue tiger zebra Platy Red and white spotted Platy Green glass cobra guppy Some may not ship but that’s the list!     – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On November 24, 2017

Fancy bettas from Dabhak bettas in Thailand

For requests contact me  I am bringing in 20 assorted unless Special request. A quality you won’t get in stores Arriving dec 5th .60.00 landed price .  – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On November 23, 2017

Fancy preorder goldfish incoming

 Some of the fancy orandas from preorder tranship. Quality you can’t get at regular stores Aprils Aquarium is now doing transhippong from Thsiland for fancy bettas, goldfish etc.  Contact for more info. – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On November 14, 2017

New shipment arriving nov 14th

Major goldfish shipment and more!,, Thailand glass cat . Leopard corydoras Julii Blue king cobra guppy Yellow gold line neocaridina shrimp Orange Rili neocaridna shrimp Black oranda 12-13cm Black oranda 13-14cm Calico giant oranda 10-11cm Calico telescope eye 3-3.5cm Pearl scale gf 4-5cm Black ranchu 5-6 cm Red and white bubble eye gf 7.5cm Calico…

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Published by barley On October 30, 2017

October 29th fish shipment arrived

Albino sterbai cories. 10 available Green neons Cardinal tetras Blue neon stiphodon gobies Pygmy cories Super blue neo shrimp Dwarf gold Rams Electric blue Rams Assorted balloon mollies Otocinclus Golden honey dwarf gouramis Blue orandas 6.5 cm Elephant ear bettas – Posted by April Ross

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