Published by barley On March 23, 2019

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Snakeskin 3 inch Tiger turquoise 3 inch 70.00

Published by barley On March 21, 2019

Tropica plants and substrate

Tropica plants and substrate arrived Hygro corybosa siamensis Anubias nana Bacopa caroliana Bacopa compact Hydrocoytle tripartia Echinodorus bleherae Exhinodorus reni Pogostemon erectus Lileopsis brasiliensis Ludwiga palustris Ludwiga repens Rubin Java fern Lobelia cardinalis Pogostemon Helfer Rotala rotundifolia Shinnersia Weiss grun 12 grows Christmas moss Weeping moss Taiwan moss Spikes moss Flame moss Marsha hirsuta Marsilea…

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Published by barley On March 15, 2019

Spider wood and supplies arrived aquatop rimless and biorbs

Two beautiful Pieces of spider wood Galapagos 48.00 and 45.00 Also Aquatop sponge filters arrived 12.00 up to 25 gallon Aquatop rimless tanks arrived 6.5 gallon bookshelf x4 69. 74.00 4.1 gallon cube 54.00 Biorb flow 4 gallon white or black 130.00 Biorb tube 4 gallon white 200.00 Seachem Prime. Stability, equilibrium. Paraguard restocked

Published by barley On March 14, 2019

New fish and plants have arrived

Tranship fancy guppy trios Orandas and calico ranchus from sakchai in Thailand Many fancy bettas Nemo, galaxy, candy, halfmoon, halfmoon plakat, crowntailS. Green tiger barbs Platy hifin assorted Gertrude rainbows Swordtail lyretail assorted Swordtail black hifin Uaru Cichlid Swordtail black lyretail Swordtail tricolour Panda catfish Pepper catfish Cory Ram gold hifin Assorted butterfly tail goldfish…

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Published by barley On February 26, 2019

Feb26 open at 1:00

Open at 1:00 pm . At airport receiving. Tranship bettas

Published by barley On February 25, 2019

Tropica plants and dragon stone arriving

Feb 26th Crypt petchii Narrow java fern Nymphoides Taiwan Alteranthera reinicki mini Crypt wendtii green Rotala Vietnam hra Helianthum vesuvius Hc Cuba Heteranthera zoaterfolia Lileopsis Brasíliensis Marsea crenata Monte Carlo Myriophlum Guyana Rauninculus inundatus Rotala rotindifolia Rotala wallichi Staurogyne repens Christmas moss Weeping moss Bucephelamdra red Crypt albida brown Rotala green Hemianthus micranthrmoides Hygro costata…

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Published by barley On February 25, 2019

Halfmoon bettas arriving. From Suthiandi

Indonesia . Also Imbellis pairs 30 assorted halfmoons One gold pair of Imbellis and 10 blue Imbellis pairs

Published by barley On February 11, 2019

Feb 13th fish arrival

Turn the snow off!! Feb 13th major fish shipment ! Red crystal shrimp Orange shrimp Yellow shrimp Blue velvet dwarf shrimp Blue diamond shrimp Sun thorn Bertie snail Batman snail Spiral horn Bertie snail Yellow fire shrimp Algae shrimp Golden rabbit snail Pinocchio shrimp Black angels Electric blue butterfly Cichlid Leopard Cory Sterbai Cory Mosquito…

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Published by barley On February 11, 2019

Tropica plants arriving feb12

New tropica plants arriving feb12 Hottonia palustris Limnophila sessiflora Ludwiga palustris Alteranthera reinicki mini tc Crypt wendtii green tc Elaine hydropiper tc Eleocharis aficionados mini tc Glosso elatinoideds tc Grstiila viscidula tc Helanthium quadricaststus tc Helianthium tenellum green tc Heteranthera zosterfoliA tc Hydrocoytle tripsrtia tc Hygro lances araguaia tc Hygro piñatafida tc Litorella uniflora tc…

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