Published by barley On August 14, 2019

New shipment arrived aug 13th

Tuesday aug 13 arrivals Altum angels not wild Black veiltail Tricolour angels Real pinoy Pinoy angels glitterscale Electric blue jack dempsey Neon blue acara Albino threadfin acara Red head tapajos Sveni eartheater Stripetail cicjlid Albino kribensis Electric blue ram Agasssiz dwarf Tiger barb Black ruby barb Golden barb Cherry barb Red line torpedo barb Odessa…

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Published by barley On August 7, 2019

New fish arrived aug 7

Koi arrived , small discus arrived, Few guppy trios Solid black, albino full red and solid gold trios Angels, green/ black swordtails, red swordtails, Thailand glass cats , guppys in bulk , Bubble eye goldfish Pearlscales with wen and telescope eyes Show quality butterfly goldfish Black Orandas big tails Tri colour Orandas Ranchus red /white…

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Published by barley On July 8, 2019

New fish and Tropica plants jul 9

New fish arrived last night Checkered barbs Black ruby barb Neon blue acara German rams Chocolate gouramis Tuxedo black and red swords King blue tetra Albino tiger barb Assorted tiger barbs Golden head ram Holland ram Diamond guppy green Variegated guppy Black lyretail molly White belly saffron sailfin molly Plants Tropica Alteranthera reinicki mini Crypt…

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Published by barley On June 13, 2019

Indonesia tranship Bettas arrived

Next shipment Thailand arrived nine 25th Anyone wanting tranship from Thailand to Caanda I May have a holiday in July so may be a longer spread between shipments

Published by barley On June 12, 2019

Indonesia tranship arriving June 14th

Indonesia tranship bettas arriving Friday around noon for anyone picking up. Anyone needing them mailed will have to mail Monday due to weekend. Contact for payment etc. Address,

Published by barley On June 3, 2019

New shipment of tropical fish

June 4th Major shipment arriving tomorrow Pepper Cory Leopard Cory Sterbai cory Panda Cory Albino Cory Longfin panda Cory Pygmy Cory Red rainbowfish Electric blue ram Paskas blue eye rainbow Gertrude rainbow Chocolate gourami Pearl gourami Black phantom tetra Red beckfordi pencil NEon tetra Cardinal tetra Threadfin rainbow Real pinoy angelfish Female guppy Electric blue…

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Published by barley On May 31, 2019

Goldfish have arrived

Demikens , giant Orandas Tricolour Orandas

Published by barley On May 21, 2019

Tranship dates

Indonesia vi joty Atmadjaja Shipment from Thailand via Preecha Ammara Tranship from Thailand confirmed . Arrival May 28th Fish need to be delivered May 27 to shipper. Both Shipments arrival May 28th evening

Published by barley On May 15, 2019

Koi fish and plants arriving

Koi food arrived 3 mm. and 5 mm. Koi arriving tomorrow and many plants and more fish. Also fluval flex 8 Gallon and 15 gallon arrived Spec 3 gallon and spec 5 gallon also Bug bites. Small mopani driftwood Plants Water lilies Nymphaea wanwisaa Hilary Dang ma miew Lao thammanoon whitr Queen of Siam Charlene…

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Published by barley On May 12, 2019

This week’s arrivals may 13th , May 16th

What’s arriving Monday May 13th evening Albino threadfin acaras Green neocaridina shrimp Adolphois Cory’s Thursday Koi . Some requested and some available. I’ll be having long weekend koi sale. First come First serve as I don’t have a lot of room For koi 4 inch grade A Thailand glass cats Parrot fish Guppys And hopefully…

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