Published by barley On April 2, 2015

Past and current tropical fish at Aprils Aquarium

stocklist and incoming shipments updated weekly or when new shipments are arriving.

Published by barley On March 30, 2015

Updated fish list March 30th 2015

goldfish black ranchus, black orandas medium large . red oranda medium large small ranchus pearlscale large bubble eye red panda dolls , tricolour panda dolls red cap , bronze small orandas small koi guppies assorted, endlers, rasboras, galaxy, espei, emerald, cories, panda, sterbai, julii, weather loach, clown loach, apistogramma caucatoide, wild and albino males danios,…

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Published by barley On March 4, 2015

March 10th fish shipment eta

blue platinum hi fin guppy tri colour swordtsils Butterfly half moon bettas XL auloncara red peacock nyassae 3.5 mix oranda head growth 4 inch lionhead goldfish A grade 4-5 inch panda siamese doll (moor) 2 inch orwnge sakura shrimp neocsridinia aurs blue shrimp neocsridinia  

Published by barley On February 23, 2015

Incoming shipmentFeb 24th 2015. End of day

Julii cories aka leopard 44 lot sale 6.50 after 8.99 Sterbai cories 32 available Bag lot deal 6.00 after 8.00 German Rams 32 available. Bag lot deal 6.00 after 8.50 Red bubble eye goldfish 7 10 cm. regular price 24.00 Clown loach 5 cm. bag lot deal 6.50. After 8.99 Orange cherry shrimp limited 3.50…

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Published by barley On February 6, 2015

new fish , plants and supplies arrived. February 4th 2015

New fish assorted males guppies , female guppies Thailand glass cats bala sharks cories, albino, pepper, copper, silver dollars threadfin rainbows red peacock cichlids electric blue peacocks blue dolphin Malawi ob peacocks 7 cm weather loaches Plants anubia barteri apongetan crispus bacopa carolianna blyxa japonica blyxa auberti cabomba carolianna indian fern crypt wendtii green and…

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Published by barley On January 8, 2015


INCOMING FISH  flying in from Singapore german rams medium /large 8.50 electric blue balloon rams     16.00 sterbai cories                        8.50 red dragon guppies              4.50 emerald rasboras         4.00 orange cherry shrimp     3.00 chocolate gouramis        8.00 chocolate orandas          12.00 pearl scale goldfish         10.00   also swordtails wag and red arrived  5.00 safflower sailfin mollies       6.00

Published by barley On December 10, 2014


SANTA can preorder a 4 gallon or 8 gallon biorb tank preset up to be delivered Christmas eve ! Santa has already preordered one . He heard a family had asked for a black fish, a blue betta and a pink fish. Tanks can be setup and running ready for taking home on the 24th…

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Published by barley On November 4, 2014

photos and updates on Aprils Aquarium

new shipment arriving November 5th 2014 Malayan multicoloured shrimp 3.00 sold out red eye tetra medium 2.99 rummynose tetra medium 3.99cories. albino, copper, pepper small  3.99 Thailand glass catfish medium large 5.50 assorted plecostamus 5 cm. 4.99 furcata forktail rainbows medium 6.00 Ramirez dwarf cichlid (german blue rams )medium  8.00 (new batch) nov 15th gold…

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Published by barley On August 12, 2014

Discus strain categories

Its quite an undertaking to list all colours and patterns and strains of discus so I have made a grouping of charachteristics. Also different farms or creators have their own names for similar strains that may have differences or created from different lineage. Striated discus Striated discus are some of the classic strains and some…

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Published by barley On August 11, 2014

Betta care sheet

Betta Care Information A betta needs a container with an air space at the top as they breathe from the surface. They are anatabids , a specialty designed lung. Betta males cannot  be kept togeather , one Betta per home. They defend their  territory ., and in a small confined container they will fight. Bettas can have…

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