Published by barley On June 27, 2015

visit the forum link on the page bar.

western aquatic forum is embedded into the website . save the link and if anyone has some interesting aquarium related posts or articles..or species profiles…etc. please post . Id love to get this forum more active. COME ON OVER!!

Published by barley On June 19, 2015

New shipment of fish and plants has arrived. june 17th 2015

clown loaches 2 inch 8.00 apistogramma borelli small 12.00 each paradise fish   6.00 pepper cories 4.00 long fin black bushynose ancistrus 12.00 cardinal tetras medium 2.99 guppies blue metallic and assorted 4.00 Plants hygrophilia coryombosa compact hygro polysperma blyxa japonica cryptocoryne balansae hydrocotyl crypt hundoro ceratophyllum demersum grand leaf java fern windelov java fern valisneria…

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Published by barley On June 9, 2015

ADA Amazonia aquatic soil arriving this week

I will be stocking ADA Amazonia aquatic soil june 12th 2015. All those beautifully water scapes done by Amano of Japan start with the soil! After is endless . Let your imagine create beautiful aquariums. add some tissue culture plants , hard scape,,ie driftwood, some feng shui rock design,,and enjoy your results. ill be…

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Published by barley On June 9, 2015

New tropical fish shipment arrived. June 8th 2015

black angelfish small 6.99 rummynose tetras medium 4.25 electric blue rams  medium 16.99 adolphois cories 13.99  rare to acquire . my favourite pygmy cories 4.50 red scarlet indian badis 4.50 red fin stiphodon gobies 6.99 red line torpedo barb or denisoni barb medium good colour 18.00 red comet swordtails 6.99 pygmy gouramis 3.99 neon dwarf…

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Published by barley On May 9, 2015

Fancy bettas in stock

i have many dumbo ear halfmoon bettas , super delta bettas, black orchid plakat

Published by barley On April 28, 2015

Garden Gnomes have invaded Aprils Aquarium

Looking for gardens to watch over . Mothers Day is fast approaching. A great gift for a mother who gardens . Two sizes. or sets . Theres the Bert Family , Ziggle Gnomes or The Crew gnomes.

Published by barley On April 24, 2015


micro rasboras brigitte endlers. venezuela . lots of females platies assorted albino apistogramma caucatoides. males only left. nice red tails ,one wild one young borelli apistogrammas , albino cories head and tail light tetras .emperor tetras, black phantom tetras, cardinal , neon black neon, albino glowlight , penguin, ember ., black skirts ,pencil fish,rummynose tetras,…

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Published by barley On April 14, 2015

April 10th new fish and plants arrived

electric blue African cichlid ahli medium 12.00 pearlscale goldfish 5 cm.   10.00 red oranda short body 18.00 blue oranda 6.5 cm 8.00 red and white ranchu 6.5 cm 12.00 dragon head assorted guppy males 4.00 bosmani rainbow medium 12.00 Brigitte rasboras 4.00 green neon tetras. 3.00 PLANTS red leaf amazon pot amazon sword pot pygmy…

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Published by barley On April 2, 2015

Past and current tropical fish at Aprils Aquarium

stocklist and incoming shipments updated weekly or when new shipments are arriving.

Published by barley On March 30, 2015

Updated fish list March 30th 2015

goldfish black ranchus, black orandas medium large . red oranda medium large small ranchus pearlscale large bubble eye red panda dolls , tricolour panda dolls red cap , bronze small orandas small koi guppies assorted, endlers, rasboras, galaxy, espei, emerald, cories, panda, sterbai, julii, weather loach, clown loach, apistogramma caucatoide, wild and albino males danios,…

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