Published by barley On May 25, 2017

Current stocklist

Albino red guppys Snake swordtails Kohaku swordtails Blue Mickey Mouse platies Highfin platies Red platies Titanium guppys Double blue sword guppy pairs Yellow guppy pairs Panda guppy highbred Orange fin stiphodon gobies Bumblebee gobies McMaster apistogramma Hongsloi apistogramma Khuli loaches Bushynose pleccos Galaxy rasboras Emerald rasboras Blue tetras Black neon tetras Neon tetras Lemon tetras…

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Published by barley On May 23, 2017

Incoming tropical fish

Incoming may 24th Cardinal tetra Red tetra  Black neon tetra Albino glow light tetra Blood red pencil fish nannostomus marginatus Ember tetra Blue tetra Cherry barb Dwarf gourami pairs Blood red dwarf gourami pairs Assorted caries Siamese bumblebee cat Plecostsmus Sawbwa rasboras Silver gala shark Red tail shark Bumblebee goby Redcap fantail goldfish    – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Published by barley On May 20, 2017

Bug bites in stock as well as 25 gallon flex tanks

Also new guppies   – Posted by April Ross       Location:Hastings St,Burnaby,Canada

Published by barley On May 20, 2017

Conservation poster

Compliments of segrest aquarium – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On May 20, 2017

Koi have arrived

Koi are now arriving f now that the weather is cooperating! 12.00 and up Also pond comets arriving  Call For requests if larger Lots I can bring in sarassas, shubunkins   – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On March 22, 2017

Manzanita wood has arrived

          – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:Aprils Aquarium

Published by barley On July 27, 2016

Parking for April’s Aquarium

i have parking in the rear of the shop and a back door entrance. hastingd is doing sewer lines . There’s also public parking in the back. my parking is by the large bitd mural on the wall. theres also a Pokemon go poke stop at the bird mural!

Published by barley On July 27, 2016

New shipment fish and plants

Incoming fish shipment July 27th end of day Blue tail guppy Blue variegated guppy Blue neon guppy Black sail fin Molly Black skirt tetra White cloud Emperor tetra Ember tetra Lampeye Tiger barb Cherry barb Albino corydoras Siamese algae eater Thread fin rainbow Gertrudi rainbow dwsrf red honey gourami Mosquito rasbora Holland blue ram SerpAe…

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Published by barley On June 8, 2016

Tropica plants arrived new packaging and new plant species

microsoriun pteropus trident nymphoides Taiwan pogostemon helferi eleochsris acicularis mini 12 grow elatine hydropiper ranunculus inundatus 12 grow staurogyne repens 12 grow flame moss 12 grow christmas moss 12 grow weeping moss 12 grow Anubias barteri caladifolia single Anubias nana single cryptocoryne beckettid petchii single cryptocoryne wendtii green single hydrophila rosanervig single hygrophilia siamensis 53B…

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Published by barley On May 18, 2016

New shipments arriving

Next shipments! Two this week and one the following Here’s what’s ordered. Discus, pencil fish, ottos, fancy pleccos (pending) , marble hatchets, electric blue Rams, balloon Rams, electric blue balloon Rams, blue Angels, platinum blue Angels, koi Angels, blue ghost Angels, Geophaghus, Melini cories also plecos green phantoms 2 inspector x2 3 beacon x2 L-204…

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