Current Stocklist


  • Fancy Goldfish:
    – I import preordered show quality orandas , ranchus, from breeders in Thailand . Message for details and videos to select from.
  • in stock-telescope eyes 
  • 1 ranchus available
  • Assorted Guppies:
  • i also import preordered fancy show quality guppy trios and have some in stocK
  • for requests please message me . 
  • Endlers:red 
  • Swordtails:
    -snake, kohaku lyretail
  • Assorted Platies:
  • Angelfish:
    -sm blue, pinoy, blue marble,albino red eye , gold, double black, platinum
  • Threadfin Rainbows
  • gertrude , furcata,
  • Corydoras:
    – Pygmy cories, Sterbai, , Albino, Panda,Julia
  • African Lampeye
  • Tetras:
    – Rummynose, Cardinals, Emperors, Black Phantoms, Ember,  Neons, Ywhite fin rosy tetra, glow light, black neon,lemon  
  • German Rams, Electric Blue Rams gold short body rams
  • gouramis , honey, pearl ,sparkling,  
  • Micro Rasboras:
    -harlequin,Emerald, Brigitte, galaxy, sundario, 
  • Danios: glowlight
  • Shrimp:
    – Neocaridina: Yellow/Golden Back, Carbon Rili, Blue Pearl,red Sakura, green, Tibees crystal red, blue dream, black neo,
    – Amano Shrimp (Japonica 🦐 
  • Bushynose  pleccos. Small, medium brown and albino
  • Silver flying fox 
  • Bettas:
    – Dragon Scale, Halfmoon, lyretail fancy, crowntail. Dumbo placat, placat, giant fancy .
  • females dragon hm, placat, dumbo, halfmoon, koi 
  • bettas are also ordered from Thailand and I also tranship from breeders you select from. I stock from a betta judge and breeder and other breeders . Many to choose from 
  • South American cichlids
  • Balzani geophagus,
  • denisoni, checker barbs ,cherry barbs
  • gobies peacock Gungeon
  •  ,clown killies 


  • Tropica plants: 1-2 Grow, Potted and Singles.
  • Hortilab  invitro
    – Anubias Nana, Anubias Barteri, Bolbitis
    – HC Cuba, Micranthemum Micranthemoides
    – Trident Java, Windelov Java
    – Lilaeopsis, Crypts, Hygrophila, etc.etc. 
    – And many more! Plants arrive every couple of weeks.
    – For specific requests, orders must come in on Tuesdays (and available plants can be seen on
  • Cell culture mosses, carpeting plants,, micranthemum micranthemoides, etc. on request.
  • stem plants , banana plants red lotus, Taiwan green lotus, Madagascar lace, 


  • tropica substrate. Regular and powder. 3liter and 9liter
  • Stones dragon stone, elephant stone, seryiou,
  • Other Supplies 
    – Tropica Soil, Tropica Ferts, 1-2 Grow Cultures, Nutrition Capsules
    – Omega One Foods, Algae Wafers, Shrimp Pellets, North Fin Betta and Goldfish Food
    – Hikari Foods: micro pellets, first bites, fancy guppy
  • bug bites , betta, small , Cichlid, bottom feeder, goldfish, turtle
    – Seachem: Prime, Stability, Flourish, Flourish Excel, Equilibrium
    – Sponge Filters
    – Air Pumps
    – Filter replacements for Marineland, Aqueon, Tetra, Slim Line Marina, Small Aquaclears, etc.
    – Siphons
    – Betta Kits, Betta Heaters, Betta Lights, Betta Gravel, Ornaments, Foods
  • Fluval Spec Kits: Spec 5, Flex (new to market, 9 gallons or 15 gallons) chi
  • biorb classic, flow, life 4gallom and 8gallom 
  • tetra glowfish tanks 
  • Many more aquarium basic needs (airline tubing, filter cartridges, etc.)