Published by barley On August 14, 2019

Store hours and tranship info

Sunday 12-4

Monday closed

Tuesday 11-6

Wednesday closed

Thursday check for times /shipping in mornings

Friday 11-6

Saturday 10-5

Contact via text 604-838-2616

Mention name and what you’d like

Facebook messenger at


Tranship dates are updated on that page .

Please check tranship rates and if they need to be forwarded via westjet or priority post and payments made before shipment arrival with address , phone ,postal code and name So I can send the next

Flight or next morning .

Typical fees

Bettas 8.00 tranship per betta

Guppy pairs or trios 10.00 tranship fee

Goldfish 40.00 per goldfish

Flowerhorns 35.00 per

Box fees 250.00


Box 125.00

Westjet fees 125.00 box fee

Small box 90.00

Canada post priority with signature 40.00-60.00

Further east and transfers to.

Smaller towns or boondocks they charge higher and the more fish and bigger box price rises

Thanks for reading .

I do my very best to ensure safe travel according to temperature and logistics