Published by barley On May 15, 2019

Koi fish and plants arriving

Koi food arrived

3 mm. and 5 mm.

Koi arriving tomorrow and many plants and more fish.

Also fluval flex


Gallon and 15 gallon arrived

Spec 3 gallon and spec 5 gallon also

Bug bites. Small mopani driftwood


Water lilies

Nymphaea wanwisaa


Dang ma miew

Lao thammanoon whitr

Queen of Siam

Charlene yellow

Microsorium pteropis APC sunrise

Buce Godzilla

Buce green broadleaf

Anubias nana bonsai

Crypt new old I red


Microsorium blackmforest

Microsorium phillipine

Microsorium trident

Crypt usteriana green

Anubias bartering diamond

Val’s contortionist

Bolbotid baby leaf

Anubias hastifolia

Crypt green

Crypt brown

Crypt walkeri

Anubias minima

Anubias Nama

Anubias broad lead


Exhinodorus tri colour

Buce kedagang Japan tc

Buce mini tc