Published by barley On October 17, 2018

Incoming fish shipments

oct 19th evening 

African cichlids pop up sale 3 inch 8.00 each limited  time and availability


.. African Cichlid list
Demasoni 8
Venustus. 5
Zebra blue 7
Banana Cichlid lab 7
Longsnout mbuna 5
Blue dolphin 7
Kadango 7
Elongatus 4
Johanni 17
Red Jacob 5
Maylandi 2
Taiwan reef 2
Lombardi 7

Longfin oscars 6 3 inch

oct 23

red sworstsils

electric blue acaras 

Albino Burnos Aires tetra

green tiger barbs

habrosus Cory x your fingers  : )

week of 22-27th Indonesia large order 

many Nanak fish. Shrimp, snails. Tetras, rainbows, gobies, Pygmy cories, etc etc 

oct 29th

tranship bettas, guppys, fancy goldfish  from Thailand and Indonesia. Private tranship orders will arrive in these shipments.