Published by barley On October 17, 2018

Fancy guppy trios for next shipment

If any someone wants added I can add. The ones with numbers are the ones I will order for the shop for resale

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1.Albino full red bd. 6

2.Albino full platinum bd

3.Albino full pink. 3

4.Albino tuxedo white tail bd

5.Albino tuxedo blue tail bd

6.Albino tuxedo red tail

7.Albino american white tail

8.Albino japan blue grass

9.Albino king cobra bd

10.Albino red lace bd. 2

11.Albino gold lace 2

12.Albino cobra red tail

13.Albino galaxy red tail

14.Tuxedo white tail bd

15.Tuxedo blue tail bd

16.Tuxedo yellow tail bd

17.Tuxedo red tail

18.Japan blue grass 4

19.Red lace bd 4

20.Gold black lace 6

21.Blue lace bd 6

22.Metal purple lace 6

23.Metal red lace 4

24.Santamaria ivory mosaic 2

25.Golden red lace 2

26.Lazuri mosaic 2

27.Metal black tail 4

28.Cobra black tail 2

29.Koi guppy 4

30.Big ears guppy 8

Different colours? Blue mosaic?

Red dragon?

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