Published by barley On September 19, 2018

New fish and plants sept 19th

Venezuela Endler pairs

tiger endlers pairs

red melazona females. Have red males

hifin swordtails assorted

ember tetras

pepper corys

Keyhole cichlids

thres finned acara heckelli

khuli loach

silver dollars šŸ’µ some spoken for

spotted silver šŸ’µ 

tiger šŸ¦ 


eleatin hydropiper 

gratiola viscidula

hygro pinnatafida

littorella uniflora

marsilea crenata

marsilea hirsuta

pogostemon erectus

sagitataria subulata

staurogyne repens

anubias barteri potted

echimoforus bleheae

java fern

java fern narrow