Published by barley On July 16, 2018

New aquariums and supply in stock

Aquatop rimless ta is arrived

Starfire low iron glass

Aquatop aquaponic nano tanks 3 gallon and 5 gallon comes with filter and decorations nanoponic

Bookshelf 12 gallon 36 inches long

Bookshelf 3 gallon long

Bookshelf. 6 gallon 24 inch

Bookshelf 12 gallon Tall

More arriving this week

Also rock caves

Hikari freeze dried bloodworms, daphnia and brine shrimp

Biorb flow 4 gallon

Fluval flex 8 gallon

Also a

Pre-planted Fluval flex available 200.00

Fluval spec 5 gallon

Fluval chi

Tetra glowlight tanks

Also used 10.20 gallon tanks

And a Fluval 55 gallon tank and cabinet and lighted hood used. 120.00