Published by barley On July 31, 2018

Incoming fish July 31 2018

Fish arriving today

Red and red white orandas 11-12 cm

Mixed colour koi 6 inch

Sabwa /Asian rummynose

Assorted molly

Assorted balloon molly

Gold dust molly

Big head flowerhorns 8-9 cm

Smokey green angel large

Smokey blue tiger angel ml

Calico telescope gf 6.5 cm

Assorted oranda lion head 9-10 cm

Silver arrows a one

Red fire shrimp

Koi swordtails sanke

Cardinal tetra

Silver flying fox. 4-5 cm

Towards end of day

Anyone wanting flowerhorn or arrowana there’s trejo fh and one arriwana avaialble.

First come first serve.