Published by barley On April 10, 2018

New fish arrived and Tropica

A few new fish
 German rams
 Holland rams
 Blue balloon rams
 Dwarf neon rainbows
 Platinum angels medium
 Red swordtails
 More beautiful hand selected bettas from a betta judge in Thailand
 A few fancy guppy trios available
 A few 2.5 inch body orandas from Tevich Pom in Thailand
 One yellow head ranchu also from Tevich Pom
 Many new guppys
 Yellow, red diamond, yellow scorpion
 Tropica plants
 Anubias caladifolia
 Anubias nana
 Anubias augustfolia
 Anubias barteri barteri
 Anubias gracious
 Narrow java
 Flame moss
 Christmas moss
 Cerstopteris thalictroides
 Ozelot green sword
 Hottonia palustris
 Hydrocoytle tripartia
 Windelov Java
 Moss balls
 Many more stem plants and
 Madagascar lace
 Also hortilab invitro

– Posted by April Ross