Published by barley On March 14, 2018

Next tranship april 2nd arrival

Anyone interested in preorder goldfish , bettas , fancy guppy trios from Thailand there’s still time to preorder
 >}}};>March 2018 Guppy List <;{{{<
  1.Albino full red Big dorsal
  2.Albino full red ribbon fin
  3.Albino full platinum
  4.Albino blue tail
  5.Albino American white tail
  6.Albino red panda
  7.Albino yellow king cobra
  8.Albino metal red round tail
  9.Full platinum black eyes
 11.Galaxy ribbon
 12.Hb blue
 13.Hb yellow
 14.Metal round tail
 15.Metal black lace
 16.Metal yellow lace
 17.Metal red lace
 18.Metal blue grass
 19.Moscow blue
 20.Panda round tail
 21.See thru panda
 22.Santamaria ivory mosaic
 23.Veinna emerald bottom sword
 24.Yellow king cobra
 25.Super gold
 >}}};> <;{{{<
  For ha d selected orandas and ranchus please email me at aprilsaquariumat
 Or if you have your favourite betta seller in thsiland you can order online and have shipped with my shipment .

– Posted by April Ross