Published by barley On November 4, 2014

photos and updates on Aprils Aquarium

new shipment arriving November 5th 2014

Malayan multicoloured shrimp 3.00 sold out

red eye tetra medium 2.99

rummynose tetra medium 3.99cories. albino, copper, pepper small  3.99

Thailand glass catfish medium large 5.50

assorted plecostamus 5 cm. 4.99

furcata forktail rainbows medium 6.00

Ramirez dwarf cichlid (german blue rams )medium  8.00

(new batch) nov 15th

gold rams medium nov 15th

spotted green puffer medium 4.99  sold out

weather loach 9-10 cm 6.00

pearlscale goldfish 5cm 12.00

aquatic dwarf frogs 4.00  sold out

bettas. platinum plakat elephant ear. 16.00

halfmoom bettas. 16.00

crowntails 12.00

regular tail 5.00

delta tail 12.00 many colours some metallic.

female bettas large and voluptuous. : ) 4.50

many fancy angelfish a few discus left.

for requests please contact IMG_5355IMG_5648


omega one fish food is in .

buckets of flakes for tropical or goldfish for the multitank customers .