Published by barley On August 11, 2014

Betta care sheet

bettabettaBetta Care Information

A betta needs a container with an air space at the top as they breathe from the surface. They are anatabids , a specialty designed lung. Betta males cannot  be kept togeather , one Betta per home. They defend their  territory ., and in a small confined container they will fight.

Bettas can have a small bottom feeder, or frog or a group of small fish to go with them if they are in an aquarium or larger container.

However they do well on their own and will come up to greet you when they see you once settled.

Small containers are fine but need more water changes. at least weekly and twice weekly is better. They will however benefit from a nano tank with filtration and is less maintenance. They like a plant or something to rest on.

Betta containers should be kept away from drafts and temperature should be at least 70 degrees.

When changing water , dechlorinator should be used .

Bettas have specific betta food which is usually small floating pellets. feed sparingly to not foul water and or cause bloat.

Bettas can live up to three years or so with good care.