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February 1stin stock fish

      Discus red dragon. red turk, pigeon golden-on sale 45.00

swordtails red wag, sanke koi swordtails

endlers  mixed and Venezuela endlers pairs

red platies, mickey mouse platies

assorted guppies assorted. yellow. pink glass,

black mollies sailfin, dalmation, black gold saffron balloon molly large

silver angelfish longfin..beginning to pair up black angels medium, koi, black lace. smokey

scissor tail rasboras

rainbow shark

Oscars, tiger and albino.

german rams  electric blue arriving feb 2nd

tetras silver tip , head and tail light ,neons, blood fin glass, black phantom tetras,emperor tetras  rummynose

zebra danios barbs rosy , cherry barbs, tiger barbs,

rainbows bosmani ,threadfin , pseudomugil tenellus,

gouramis honey dwarf pink kissing gouramis, pearl gourami

rasboras incoming -expecting kuboti,

epei, emerald ,Galaxy

clown killie  

scarlet badis Dario

 cories -copper,pepper,green  sterbai , pygmy cories, habrosus cories expecting Pygmy and ha status February 2nd

shrimp -japonica yellow,Pinocchio,, incoming expecting Orange rili,red rili, blue aura feb 4th

siamese algae eaters

king tiger pleccos ,red small bushynose 

Bolivian Rams 

 goldfish -ranchu, black ranchu,  , shakura ranchus, orandas, pearlscale, black bubble eye, pompom, shakura ryukin, butterfly red white, telescope eyes.,red cap orandas  assorted sizes

 New arrivals expected Feb 2nd  tropica plants ,pots and 123 grow

yellow tail Congo tetras

electric blue Rams 

neon guppies ,female guppies, red guppies

kuboti rasboras,Brigitte rasboras,Galaxy rasboras

hastatus Pygmy cories,habrosus Pygmy cories, pygmaeous cory

sterbai cories,rummy nose tetra 

butterfly goldfish,tricolor oranda,10 cm oranda 

Feb 4th

halfmoon bettas

clown loaches 7.5 cm

bubble eye goldfish

red and white ranchu, calico ranchu

lion head oranda

aura blue shrimp,red rili, Orange rili shrimp


Anubias ,bolbitis ,and others


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New items added to my stock etc


I have added ADA rocks to my shop.

I have 4 kinds in stock right now. they vary in size and weights, colours.

Yamaya stone

Koke stone

Mantan stone

San Sui stone

I also received ADA amaona soil 9 liters.

powder and power incoming as per request .


I also have lots of betta kits, small aquarium kits and betta self cleaning tanks in stock . just arrived.

new aquarium plants arrived.

lots of anubias.

yellow ,wavy thin , barteri, coffeefolia, etc. nice healthy plants with good roots

some basic low light plants ,

and Tropical plants are also in stock. another shipment to arrive soon once xmas holidays are done.

Lots of bettas arrived

Lots of beautiful koi plakat bettas . good selection to choose from.

butterfly halfmoons and double tails arrived

Also giant bettas and plakat  butterfly elephant ear bettas in stock.

some new fish arrived.

More giant black orandas, black ranchus, white orandas,

shrimp arrived. fire red, blue aura, orange sakura

pink glass guppies. kind of pink…but very nice tails and dorsals

more to come next Monday . January 4th.

hoping for more green neons,

emerald rasboras

cardinal tetras

bolivian rams

german rams

pseudomugil signifier

and pygmy cories


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Updated stocklist-prices

January 1 2016

rosy barbs cherry barbs 2.99 scissortail rasboras 3.99 bosmani rainbows 10.99 threadfin rainbows 4.50 tiger barbs gold, regular and platinum 3.99 galaxy rasboras  5.99

panda loaches  16.00 sold out pygmy cories        4.99

brigitte rasboras 4.50

glass bloodfin tetra 2.99 head and tail light tetra 2.99 ember tetras 2.99

assorted endlers  3.50, Venezuela endler m&f 4.25

scarlet badis dario  4.99

emperor tetras small  4.50

cardinal tetras 3.99 sold out pristella tetras   2.99 head and tail light tetras 2.99 neon tetras 2.50 long fin zebra danios  2.50

 dumbo ear plakats butterfly tail 25.00 halfmoon bettas  20.00 regular bettas 6.00   clown loaches       rainbow shark     6.99 2 in stock panda cowries.       6.50 sold out copper cories aneus 4.50 albino cories 4.00 pepper cories 4.50 Chinese algae eaters 3.99 Siamese algae eaters 4.99 albino bushynose pleccos small 8.00 brown bushynose pleccos small 8.00 larger brown bushynose med. 12.00 sterbai cories.      7.50 sold out red dwarf honey gouramis  4.99 dwarf red gouramis 6.00 pearl gouramis 6.99 silver angels 6.99 black lace angels 8.00 smokey angels 8.99 platinum angels 12.00 assorted platies 4.00 albino santa claus swordtails 8.99 sailfin gold dust mollies 6.99 dalmation mollies 4.99 assorted guppies 4.00 yellow guppy pairs 6.50 rosy minnows .50 cents nanacara dwarf cichlids small  5.99 apistogramma caucatoides small   12


red and white butterfly tail goldfish  12.00 black and red butterfly goldfish    12.00 sakura ryukin   12.00 sakura oranda 20.00 sakura ranchu 25.00 bubble eye goldfish  12.00 red cap orandas. 8.00 tropica plants 12-15.00 echinodorus tenellus , echinodorus parva , swords, barthi,quadricostatus,red diamond, hygro pinnatafida,lileopsis  brasilensis, red lotus zenkeri, moss balls, apongetan boisvinatus, apongetan Madagascar, hemianthus micranthemoides , singapore plants 6.00  four leaf clover, crypts, java fern and windelov, anubias, black guppies  4.00 emerald rasboras.  4.00 3.00 bolivian ram 6.99 .. mosquito  rasbora 4.00 instock shrimp

japonica 4.99

orange rili arriving 4.99

red rili 4.99

blue aura 4.99



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new tropical fish and goldfish stock -pricelist

large pearlscale goldfish 24.99

large black orandas head growth 50.00 n10-11 cm

large black orandas head growth 45.00 9-10 cm

butterfly telescope eyes. small 7 cm 12.99

medium assorted orandas 18.99

black ranchus small 12.00

medium  large ranchus red, red white, 30.00

calico ryukin small 6.00

telescope eyes assorted small 8.00

fathead rosy minnows local bred . 50 cents each

super delta bettas dragon scale 14.00

crown tail bettas 8.00

regular bettas 6.00

koi plakat betta 30.00

platies , guppies 4.00 each

swordtails lemon, red , 6.50

santa claus swordtails red eye 8.00

red eye tetras, phantom tetra., penguin tetra, head and tail light, red flame tetra 3.99

cardinal tetra, rummynose tetra 3.99

neon tetra , zebra danio, red zebra danios, pearl danios,white cloud minnows  2.00

galaxy rasboras 4.99

Brigitte, strawberry rasboras 3.50 each

clown killies , scarlet badis Dario 4.50

licorice gouramis 4.99

dwarf gouramis 6.99 pearl gourmais 6.99

tiger barbs 3.99 green platinum 4.50

zebra loach , 8.99

horse face loach 4.99

weather loach 6.99

khuli loach 2.99

blue crayfish 16.99

dwarf aquatic frogs 4.00

denisoni barbs 14.99

rainbows 12.00

split tail rasboras 4.99

bushynose ancistrus 12.99

ottocinclus 5.99

german rams 8.00

gold rams 8.00

bolivian rams 6.99

electric blue acaras 16.00

blood red parrots 26.99

furcate rainbows 4.99

panda loaches 20.99

shrimp cherry 2.50

green babaulti, orange neocaridina 3.00

blue neocaridina , fire red , red sushi, orange rili 4.00

apple snails 5.00

cories sterbai 8.00 , pepper 4.99 , albino 4.00 , copper 4.00 panda 6.99 , 2014-05-11 08.43.34

plants. 6.00

anubias 12.00



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12004775_864255490328211_7457957599214386628_nMy new shrimp tanks .


incoming shipment September 16th end of day

bala sharks

long fin white clouds

clown killie fish

blue rainbows

green dwarf shrimp

blue neocaridina shrimp

tiger shrimp

bee shrimp

red nose shrimp

assorted ranchus

calico orandas


next week..toward end of week ill be getting plants and more shrimp, guppies, goldfish


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new fish stock arrived sept 2nd 2015

a big shipment came in . Lots of goodies .

Bag lot deals are offered on schooling fish.

pearlscale goldfish

oranda goldfish

betttas long tail and crown tail

sterbai corydoras

Discus rose red and red turquoise 3 inch. 40.00 each or 3 for 100.00

blood red guppy males

bosemani rainbows

red cherry shrimp

santa claus swordtail red eye

furcata rainbows forktail rainbows

german rams

bolivian rams

electric blue acaras very nice! they look like oversized blue rams. gentle cichlids but get larger. 4 inch.

parkisoni rainbows . not showing colour yet.

neon blue angels medium

paradise fish

dwarf gouramis

rummynose tetras

apple snails . brown and gold

galaxy rasboras

American flag fish

L144 bushynose ancistrus

platies assorted

assorted guppies male and female

pearl danios

clown loaches . pending

denisoni barbs

scissortail rasboras

silver angelfish
silver angelfish
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New aquatic plant shipment arriving june 15th 2015

4 leaf clover aquatic

heres a list of incoming plants. Thanks for looking !

Anubia barteri

anubia congensis sharp leaf

giant bacopa

blyxa japonica (japanese rush )

cabomba carolianna

indian fern ceratopteris thalicroides

crytocoryne retrospiralis sharp leaf balansae

crypt spiralis

crypt wendtii green

echinodorus marti (waving leaf sword )

echinodorus mitcheii  ruffled amazon sword

heteranthera zosterfolia

hygro coryombosa compacta

hygro difformis (water wisteria )

hygro polysperma

hygro rosanervis

marsila quadrifolia (four leaf clover)

microsorium pteropus (java fern)

valisneria corkscrew

valisneria contortionist (giant corkscrew singapore origin

valisneria americana natans

java fern windelov

apongetan undulatus submerged 4 leaf clover aquatic

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New shipment of fish and plants has arrived. june 17th 2015

clown loaches 2 inch 8.00

apistogramma borelli small 12.00 each

paradise fish   6.00

pepper cories 4.00

long fin black bushynose ancistrus 12.00

cardinal tetras medium 2.99

guppies blue metallic and assorted 4.00


hygrophilia coryombosa compact

hygro polysperma

blyxa japonica

cryptocoryne balansae


crypt hundoro

ceratophyllum demersum

grand leaf java fern

windelov java fern

valisneria natans



ADA soil has arrived Amazonia and the cell culture carpeting plants and mosses are also in stock.