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Incoming tropical fish

Incoming may 24th Cardinal tetra Red tetra  Black neon tetra Albino glow light tetra Blood red pencil fish nannostomus marginatus Ember tetra Blue tetra Cherry barb Dwarf gourami pairs Blood red dwarf gourami pairs Assorted caries Siamese bumblebee cat Plecostsmus Sawbwa rasboras Silver gala shark Red tail shark Bumblebee goby Redcap fantail goldfish    – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Koi have arrived

Koi are now arriving f now that the weather is cooperating! 12.00 and up Also pond comets arriving  Call For requests if larger Lots I can bring in sarassas, shubunkins   – Posted by April Ross

Azaleas and lilacs

Received some big Beautiful azalea bushes and lilac trees  Great Mother’s Day gift. Limited  Come On down and select one. Great Prices for generous size – Posted by April Ross

Incoming may 3rd

Next shipment arriving  I will confirm once I receive confirmation Electric blue Rams Panda Cory Sterbai Cory Brigitte rasbora  Axelrodi green rasbora Galaxy rasbora Norman lampeyes Black emperor tetra Golden brilliant head rummynose Albino Cardinal tetra Green neon tetra Gertrude rainbow (maybe) Santa Claus platy Yellow fire shrimp Blue rili shrimp Orange Sakura shrimp White rili shrimp Red mosaic guppy Variagated guppy Metallic guppy   – Posted by April Ross

Tropica plant arrival april 17th

New Tropica Plant shipment arriving today Helanthium quadricostatus Hc Heteranthera zosterfolia Hydrocotyle tripartia Limnobium tripartia Monte Carlo Potamagetan gays Rotala bonsai Staurogyne reopens Taxiphyllum barberi Flame moss Spikey moss Christmas moss Weeping moss Anubias barteri augustfolia Anubias barteri Anubias caladafolia Anubias nana Anubias gracious Anubias petite Cwrstopteris thalictroides Cranium Calamistratum Crypt crispulata balansae Crypt wendtii Tropica Echinodorus Reno Lidwiga palustris Java fern Java fern narrow Myriophyllum mattogrossense Nymphoides hydrophylla Taiwan Moss balls   – Posted by April Ross

New fish shipment arrived april 12th

also manzanita wood. 24. Inch to 36inch  red cap oranda  titanjum blue guppy kbuli loach clown killie betta bolivian rams  holland blue rams golden rams spotted blue eye gertrude rainbows otofinclus rummy ose tetra lemon tetra glowlight tetra cardinal tetra hifin platies  

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