March 8th one year on Burnaby Heights appreciation day. Coffee, sales, rafflle, and draw


This week coming I will be selling raffle tickets for a baby Biorb 4 gallon. .new

1.00 a ticket. Draw on Sunday

Also a draw for a betta and betta kit.

Sunday 12-4 I am having an appreciation day to celebrate one year in Burnaby Heights. Coffee, cake, sales, raffle, draw, and a good way to meet other hobbyists.

march 8th 12-4.

sale buy three get one free Fish , plants, flowers

raffle tickets for baby Biorb . 1.00 each. A hundred dollar value fish tank kit.

betta and betta kit draw.

List of incoming fish and plants

Wednesday end of day March 4

Electric blue Rams

Blue cherry shrimp neocaridina

Blue neon stuphidon gobies

Assorted guppies

Santa Claus swordtails

Uaru cichlid triangle

Red zebra danio

Cardinal tetra

Apisto caucatoides farm bred

Celebes rainbow

Red king cobra guppy

Assorted Angels

Neon tetra

Head and tail light

Black skirt long fin

Black phantom

Red phantom

Cherry barb

Gold barb

Sae true

Zebra danio


Wendtii green

Crypt balansae

Cyprus helferi


Micranthenum pteropus grand

Long leaf Java

Junius repens

Echinodorus nitcheii parviflorus ruffled

Eriocaulon cinerum

Indian sword

Oki bright star sword

Oki fancy twist sword

Stardust sword

Tri colour sword

Salvinia Natans floating

Incoming shipmentFeb 24th 2015. End of day

Julii cories aka leopard 44 lot sale 6.50 after 8.99
Sterbai cories 32 available Bag lot deal 6.00 after 8.00
German Rams 32 available. Bag lot deal 6.00 after 8.50
Red bubble eye goldfish 7 10 cm. regular price 24.00
Clown loach 5 cm. bag lot deal 6.50. After 8.99
Orange cherry shrimp limited 3.50 .
Assorted platies 4.00 regular price
Green neons bag lot deal 2.75 each after 3.25
Pygmy Cory. Bag lot deal 3.25. After 4.50

Pick up for bag lot deals only till Sunday. Normally shorter time but I know people work .
Please let me know how many as some are limited amounts.

new fish , plants and supplies arrived. February 4th 2015

bala sharks

New fish

assorted males guppies , female guppies

Thailand glass cats

bala sharks

cories, albino, pepper, copper,

silver dollars

threadfin rainbows

red peacock cichlids

electric blue peacocks

blue dolphin Malawi

ob peacocks 7 cm

weather loaches


anubia barteri

apongetan crispus

bacopa carolianna

blyxa japonica

blyxa auberti

cabomba carolianna

indian fern

crypt wendtii green and bornze

pygmy chain sword

radican sword

heteranthera zosterfolia

hygro coryombosa compacta

hydrocoytle leucephala

water wisteria

hygro polysperma

four leaf clover

nesea pedicillata

potomagetan perfoliatus

rotala pink

roatala indica green

rotala macaranda

vals asiatica giant

val contortionist

windelov fern

vals rubra



INCOMING FISH  flying in from Singapore german rams medium /large 8.50 electric blue balloon rams     16.00 sterbai cories                        8.50 red dragon guppies              4.50 emerald rasboras         4.00 orange cherry shrimp     3.00 chocolate gouramis        8.00 chocolate orandas          12.00 pearl scale goldfish         10.00   also swordtails wag and red arrived  5.00 safflower sailfin mollies       6.00

updated stocklist December 30th 2014


up to date list of fish.

emerald rasb oras

African lampeyes


guppies assorted

platies assorted

painted swordtails

assorted mollies

silver dollars

rosie barbs

Odessa barbs

spanner T barbs

large congo tetras

blue lobsters , red lobster

chocolate cichlid

assorted peacock Africans, electric yellow labs, vc-10,Jacob,red fin borlayi

powder blue dwarf gouramis, red and blue dwarf gouramis,

caucatoide apistos

Buenos aires tetra,penguin, emperor, pristella, cardinals,  ember, , neon, albino glowlight , ,marble hatchets ,red pencil fish ,red eye tetra

assorted cories,

L144 bushynose ancistrus, ottocinclus,

red zebra danios,

pearl gouramis, gold gouramis,

assorted rainbows

gold angelfish

goldfish, ranchu, pearlscale,oranda, bubble eye, ryukin, black telescope eye,

bettas, crown tail, halfmoom, plakat, delta tail long tail .platinum plakat big ear. female bettas

yellow and red juvenile discus ,blue angels

im sure I forgot some.










SANTA can preorder a 4 gallon or 8 gallon biorb tank preset up to be delivered Christmas eve !

Santa has already preordered one . He heard a family had asked for a black fish, a blue betta and a pink fish.

Tanks can be setup and running ready for taking home on the 24th of December. This way they are established and ready to go. Aprils Aquarium will work with Santa to drain a bit of water. When he gets to the families home he will re-add the rest of the water and plug it in. Fish already swimming .

4 gallon Biorb setup with a few fish and decorations. 150.00

8 gallon Biorb setup with 6 fish and decorations or plants. 170.00

Christmas flowers arriving


IMG_5817IMG_5795Christmas ,holiday season flowers, trees, holly, wreaths etc are arriving weekly.

Christmas cactus, poinsettias, amaryllis potted bulbs, spruce trees , Norfolk pines large pine cones in stock.

indoor tropicals also available. Succulents, vines, mums potted, begonias , etc.

cut flower bouquets in stock.