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Store hours and tranship info

Sunday 10-4 Monday closed Tuesday 11-6 Wednesday closed Thursday 11-6 Friday 11-6 Saturday 10-5 Contact via text 604-838-2616 shop phone 604-336-3474 Mention name and what you’d like Facebook messenger at

Published by barley On January 25, 2020

Lunar New Year on Burnaby Heights

The dragons will be in Burnaby Heigjts feb1

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Fancy Bettas have arrived and tropicals

rummynose and golden rummynose gloligjht danios pyfmy chaim loach gold nugget plecco african  lampeyes neon dwarf rainbows albino endlers male pygmy pea puffers green neons sank swordtsails elisae cory nerite snails shrimp rachovi killifish black neon king blue tetra silver hatchets caucatoides apistogramma agassizzi apistogramma also new dry goods Seachem. Test kits, water treatments ,…

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Review and video of my shop oct 2019  

Published by barley On December 19, 2019

Tropica plants

Tropica shipment arrived and are now available from “your local fish store” Way to many to mention but here is a snap shot of what we have. Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Green’ Cryptocoryne wendtii ‘Tropica’ Helanthium ‘Quadricostatus’ Echinodorus ‘Reni’ Hygrophila corymbosa ‘Siamensis Microsorum pteropus Anubias barteri nana Nymphoides hydrophylla ‘Taiwan’ Ceratopteris thalictroides Ludwigia palustris Hygrophila ‘Rosanervig’ Echinodorus…

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Published by barley On December 19, 2019

Gift certificates

Shopping for some people on your list is fun and easy — you know exactly what they want and where to get it. For others, not so much. If you’re stumped on gift-giving ideas you’ve come to the right place. “Your Local Fish Store”- April’s Aquariium. We now have gift cards in any denomination for…

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Holiday Hours

Hi Friends of April’s Aquarium , may we rake this opportunity to wish you and yours a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. Our Christmas and New Year Schedule : Monday 23rd 11am – 5pm Tuesday 24th 9am – 1pm Wednesday 25th Closed Thursday 26th Closed Friday 27th 11am – 6pm Saturday 28th 10am – 5pm…

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Exciting times ahead!

Exciting times ahead for April’s Aquarium It is with much excitement we can confirm today that after many years building the reputation and quality service, April Ross, founder of the store has partnered and brought in Darrin Stewart to invest and grow upon the many years of success the store has achieved. As well as…

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Tropica plants arrived dec3

Tropica plants arrived . Fully stocked Alteranthera reinicki pink Alteranthera reinicki rosanvervig Anubias Barteri Bacopa compact Bucephelandra wavy green Bucephelandra so. Red Indian fern Lobelia cardinalis Ludwig’s palustris Ludwig’s repens Rubin Java fern Trident java fern Christmas moss Weeping moss Taiwan moss Spikey moss Flame moss Marsilea crenata Raununculus inundatus Alteranthera mini Monte Carlo Rotala…

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New fish arrival

New fish arriving today. Variegated guppy mAle Red king cobra male guppy Golden cobra guppy pairs Neon double sword guppy Blue neon guppy Assorted neon  balloon mollies  Ottocinclus Green neon tetras  Killis. Pairs  Rachovi  Rubripinnis Eggersi Aphyosemion Australia kaplopez Aphyosemion bivitatum logos Aphyosemion  austral chocolate  Nothobranchius foerschi

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Tropica plants arrived

New Tropica plants arrived  Also mopani driftwood, bugbites,  And a few other supplies Also Tropica substrate  Anubias barteri Anubias petite Bacopa  carolia Bacopa compact Buce wavy green Crypt wendtii green Hottonia palustris Lilaeopsis brasiliensis Narrow java fern Nymphoides taiwan Marsilea crenata Alteranthera reinixki mini Rotala Vietnam hra Staurogyne repens Anubias nana large Moss balls

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