Published by barley On November 14, 2017

New shipment arriving nov 14th

Major goldfish shipment and more!,, Thailand glass cat . Leopard corydoras Julii Blue king cobra guppy Yellow gold line neocaridina shrimp Orange Rili neocaridna shrimp Black oranda 12-13cm Black oranda 13-14cm Calico giant oranda 10-11cm Calico telescope eye 3-3.5cm Pearl scale gf 4-5cm Black ranchu 5-6 cm Red and white bubble eye gf 7.5cm Calico…

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Published by barley On October 30, 2017

October 29th fish shipment arrived

Albino sterbai cories. 10 available Green neons Cardinal tetras Blue neon stiphodon gobies Pygmy cories Super blue neo shrimp Dwarf gold Rams Electric blue Rams Assorted balloon mollies Otocinclus Golden honey dwarf gouramis Blue orandas 6.5 cm Elephant ear bettas – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On October 20, 2017

New Shipment October 18th

Assorted male guppies neon Female guppies Neon tetras medium Cardinals medium Betta splendens German Rams medium Habrosus cories **** limited Kuboti rasboras Platinum Guppy Assorted sailfin molly Diamond head neon Rummynose Sae Bolivian ram Pea puffer Clown killie Scarlet badis Khuli loaches Tropica Lobelia cardinalis Anubias caladifolia Echinodorus bleheri Narrow Java fern Cyprus helferi Echinodorus…

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Published by barley On October 3, 2017

Omega one foods arrived

Omega one foods arrived     – Posted by April Ross Location:4097 Hastings st

Published by barley On October 1, 2017

Plants and snails

October1 !!! Banana plants . Valisneria , mystery snails and nerite snails arriving oct 1 Invitro/tissue cultures ,Anubias and stem Plants well stocked. All plants selling for 10.00 each . Open Sundays 12-4 Come on down ! – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On September 28, 2017

Goldfish , shrimp and more arriving Sept 28 th evening

Red and red white ranchus 9-10 cm Black oranda 12-13 cm Assorted oranda lion head 10-11 cm Red oranda 8-9 cm  Dream blue shrimp Red fire shrimp Yellow gold back shrimp Ember tetras Koi swordtail kohaku Neon glass tail guppy males    – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:4097 Hastings st Burnaby

Published by barley On September 23, 2017

Aquatic Plants for week of sept 26th

In vitro and potted grown from invitro. A few on hold for preorder .  – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:4007 Hastings st

Published by barley On August 30, 2017

New fish arrival aug 30th

Sterbai cories Panda cories Pygmy cories Red rainbows .5 available. Some Sold Gertrude rainbows !!! Last chance this year as only a summer offer Green neons Rummynose tetras Rio Morichal endlers Pinocchio shrimp -great for algae Blue Pearl shrimp Albino cories New bettas halfmoon, crowntail and veiltails Frogs Habrosus cories limited .  Yellow rainbows Assorted mollies Giant male guppys – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On August 24, 2017

New magazines arrived

– Posted by April Ross Amazonas and practical fish keeping August issues Location:Hastings St,Burnaby,Canada

Published by barley On August 22, 2017

Tropical plants and dragon stone, elephant stone arrived

Plants and stones arrived  Bolbitis heudelotti Cyperus helferi Wendtii green  Anubias nana Anubias barteri Crypt pinnatafida Trident Java fern Narrow Java fern Staurogyne 12 Monte Carlo 12 Xmas mass  Weeping moss Hygro siamensis Lobelia cardinalis 12 Rosters rotundifolia 12 Limnophilia hippuridoides Myriophyllum Guyana 12 Moss balls Hygro siamensis  Dragon stone arrived again  And elephant skin stone   One fish shipment from indo is delayed due to typhoons in indo!! Next Wednesday.  Other fish arriving…

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