Published by barley On October 17, 2018

Incoming fish shipments

oct 19th evening  African cichlids pop up sale 3 inch 8.00 each limited  time and availability   .. African Cichlid list Demasoni 8 Venustus. 5 Zebra blue 7 Banana Cichlid lab 7 Longsnout mbuna 5 Blue dolphin 7 Kadango 7 Elongatus 4 Johanni 17 Red Jacob 5 Maylandi 2 Taiwan reef 2 Lombardi 7 Longfin…

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Published by barley On October 17, 2018

Fancy guppy trios for next shipment

If any someone wants added I can add. The ones with numbers are the ones I will order for the shop for resale >}}};>October&November Guppy List<;{{{< 1.Albino full red bd. 6 2.Albino full platinum bd 3.Albino full pink. 3 4.Albino tuxedo white tail bd 5.Albino tuxedo blue tail bd 6.Albino tuxedo red tail 7.Albino american…

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Published by barley On September 19, 2018

Indonesia betta tranship arrival sept 20th

many new Bettas will be in stock halfmoons dumbo halfmoons plakats white crowntail (hoping ) requested some special ones tancho pair plakat

Published by barley On September 19, 2018

New fish and plants sept 19th

Venezuela Endler pairs tiger endlers pairs red melazona females. Have red males hifin swordtails assorted ember tetras pepper corys Keyhole cichlids thres finned acara heckelli khuli loach silver dollars πŸ’΅ some spoken for spotted silver πŸ’΅  tiger 🦐  plants  eleatin hydropiper  gratiola viscidula hygro pinnatafida littorella uniflora marsilea crenata marsilea hirsuta pogostemon erectus sagitataria subulata staurogyne…

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Published by barley On September 11, 2018

Aquatop tanks arrived again

This time cube tanks 2.1 gallon 4 gallon 7.1 gallon 11.3 gallon

Published by barley On August 23, 2018

August 28th arrival list

Red eye albino angels medium platinum angelfish small pinoy angelfish medium electric blue jack dempsey red head TapajΓ³s tiny red line torpedo barb red Axelrodi rasbora blue Axelrodi rasbora green Axelrodi rasbora galaxy rasbora emerald dwarf rasbora glowlight tetra white fin rosy tetra black neon tetra black phantom tetra diamond tetra xray tetra cardinal tetra…

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Published by barley On August 19, 2018

New shipment of fancy guppy trios , orandas, fancy bettas

And more . Arrived aug 16 2018 from Thailand

Published by barley On July 31, 2018

Incoming fish July 31 2018

Fish arriving today Red and red white orandas 11-12 cm Mixed colour koi 6 inch Sabwa /Asian rummynose Assorted molly Assorted balloon molly Gold dust molly Big head flowerhorns 8-9 cm Smokey green angel large Smokey blue tiger angel ml Calico telescope gf 6.5 cm Assorted oranda lion head 9-10 cm Silver arrows a one…

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Published by barley On July 17, 2018

New fish arrivals

July 18 evening Samurai gourami – Crossband chocolate gourami – Platinum red mosaic halfmoon guppy – Green hulk guppy – Platinum mosaic big dorsal guppy – Green jade shrimp –

Published by barley On July 16, 2018

New aquariums and supply in stock

Aquatop rimless ta is arrived Starfire low iron glass Aquatop aquaponic nano tanks 3 gallon and 5 gallon comes with filter and decorations nanoponic Bookshelf 12 gallon 36 inches long Bookshelf 3 gallon long Bookshelf. 6 gallon 24 inch Bookshelf 12 gallon Tall More arriving this week Also rock caves Hikari freeze dried bloodworms, daphnia…

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