micro rasboras brigitte

endlers. venezuela . lots of females

blue shrimp neocaridina light blue

platies assorted

albino apistogramma caucatoides. males only left. nice red tails ,one wild one

julii cories ,panda cories, albino cories

head and tail light tetras .emperor tetras, black phantom tetras, cardinal , neon black neon, albino glowlight , penguin, ember ., black skirts ,pencil fish

red zebra danios , regular zebra danios

gold barbs, checker barb, cherry barb ,T-barbs

german rams ,

discrossus filamentous, checker dwarf cichlid

keyhole cichlids

kribensis cichlids

espei rasboras

green neons.

guppies assorted, male and female

tricolour koi swordtails

apple snails ,

assorted african cichlids. electric blue ahli, red empress, ob peacock, johanni, yellow labs, and others.



orandas, ranchu, pearlscale, bubble eye large, panda , tricolour telescope eyes, blue and bronze small orandas, red cap orandas ,


regular long tail, halfmoon, delta tail and crowntail coming.


bosmani, threadfin rainbows, celebes rainbows

whiptail catfish local bred



April 10th new fish and plants arrived

electric blue African cichlid ahli medium 12.00

pearlscale goldfish 5 cm.   10.00

red oranda short body 18.00

blue oranda 6.5 cm 8.00

red and white ranchu 6.5 cm 12.00

dragon head assorted guppy males 4.00

bosmani rainbow medium 12.00

Brigitte rasboras 4.00

green neon tetras. 3.00


red leaf amazon pot

amazon sword pot

pygmy chain sword pot

dwarf hairgrass pot

hc pot

anubias lancelots

anubias nana

anubias barteri

anubias nana golden


blyxa japonica

red cabomba

green cabomba

water wisteria

indian fern

crypt nevilli

cherry leaf hygrophilia

java fern

cyperus helferi

crypt wendtii

hygrophilia polysperma narrow leaf

cabomba densa

all plants 6.00 each. except  anubias 8.00 each  Bundle deal buy 5 for 25.00



Past and current tropical fish at Aprils Aquarium

stocklist and incoming shipments updated weekly or when new shipments are arriving.

Easter hours

Good Friday short day. 11-4

open Saturday 10-5

Easter Sunday closed. i will be going to Victoria.

closed Easter Monday . usually closed Mondays.

Any Victorians who would like to order fish or flowers i can pack orders and meet at Tim Hortons on Shellbourne next to Home Depot at 11:30 am sunday morning.

Fish will be packed with oxygen and heat packs . Live arrival guarantee and i warranty my fish for 48 hours . Any casualties you will be credited. Im very conscientious in shipping only strong healthy fish.

please see fish instock list for whats available. please contact me by Saturday 4 pm with orders , name and contact info.


This entry was posted on March 30, 2015, in information.

Updated fish list March 30th 2015

goldfish black ranchus, black orandas medium large . red oranda medium large small ranchus pearlscale large bubble eye red panda dolls , tricolour panda dolls red cap , bronze small orandas small koi guppies assorted, endlers, rasboras, galaxy, espei, emerald, cories, panda, sterbai, julii, weather loach, clown loach, apistogramma caucatoide, wild and albino males danios, red zebra, regular zebra, barbs gold, spanner t, large tiger barbs, large odessa, cherry barbs, tetras -neon, blackneon, cardinal, glowlight albino, penguin, black phantom, red phantom, emperor, buenos aires, black skirt , large, ember tetras rainbows-gertrudi, threadfin , celebes , yellow L144 bushynose pleccos africans -h=johanni, yellow labs, red empress , ob, jewel cichlids ,kribensis platies, tricolour koi swords south american cichlids koi angels, blue angels, blue angel pair, chocolate cichlid, keyhold cichlid german rams shrimp blue cherry ,orange cherry

bettas, koi plakat, butterfly halfmoon, longfin betta . females ,crowntail IMG_6192IMG_6174IMG_6173 IMG_6173IMG_6189IMG_6171IMG_6172

Spring flowers and the beginning of vegetable and bedding plant starters!

IMG_6161IMG_6159we are now officially in Spring!

Easter is around the corner and flowers are popping up in the gardens.

some of the earlier outdoor flowers have begun to arrive.

tulips and some cut flowers in stock. New arrivals expected March 24th.

coming march 31st.

potted carnations ,pansy, petunia, marigold

gernaiums ,bleeding hearts, hydrangea, lavender, basil , topiary rosemary, strawberry plants

hens and chicks, mini cactus gardens, assorted succulants and echeveria semperviva


potted flowers ,

anthuriums, easter mixed moms, potted roses, yellow and pink mix, miniature roses , kalanchoe,

mauve tulips cut , hydrangea cut, easter lilies ,

also a good selection of indoor tropicals










March 10th fish shipment eta

blue platinum hi fin guppy

tri colour swordtsils

Butterfly half moon bettas XL

auloncara red peacock nyassae 3.5

mix oranda head growth 4 inch

lionhead goldfish A grade 4-5 inch

panda siamese doll (moor) 2 inch

orwnge sakura shrimp neocsridinia

aurs blue shrimp neocsridinia


March 8th one year on Burnaby Heights appreciation day. Coffee, sales, rafflle, and draw

This week coming I will be selling raffle tickets for a baby Biorb 4 gallon. .new

1.00 a ticket. Draw on Sunday

Also a draw for a betta and betta kit.

Sunday 12-4 I am having an appreciation day to celebrate one year in Burnaby Heights. Coffee, cake, sales, raffle, draw, and a good way to meet other hobbyists.

march 8th 12-4.

sale buy three get one free Fish , plants, flowers

raffle tickets for baby Biorb . 1.00 each. A hundred dollar value fish tank kit.

betta and betta kit draw.

List of incoming fish and plants

Wednesday end of day March 4

Electric blue Rams

Blue cherry shrimp neocaridina

Blue neon stuphidon gobies

Assorted guppies

Santa Claus swordtails

Uaru cichlid triangle

Red zebra danio

Cardinal tetra

Apisto caucatoides farm bred

Celebes rainbow

Red king cobra guppy

Assorted Angels

Neon tetra

Head and tail light

Black skirt long fin

Black phantom

Red phantom

Cherry barb

Gold barb

Sae true

Zebra danio


Wendtii green

Crypt balansae

Cyprus helferi


Micranthenum pteropus grand

Long leaf Java

Junius repens

Echinodorus nitcheii parviflorus ruffled

Eriocaulon cinerum

Indian sword

Oki bright star sword

Oki fancy twist sword

Stardust sword

Tri colour sword

Salvinia Natans floating

Incoming shipmentFeb 24th 2015. End of day

Julii cories aka leopard 44 lot sale 6.50 after 8.99
Sterbai cories 32 available Bag lot deal 6.00 after 8.00
German Rams 32 available. Bag lot deal 6.00 after 8.50
Red bubble eye goldfish 7 10 cm. regular price 24.00
Clown loach 5 cm. bag lot deal 6.50. After 8.99
Orange cherry shrimp limited 3.50 .
Assorted platies 4.00 regular price
Green neons bag lot deal 2.75 each after 3.25
Pygmy Cory. Bag lot deal 3.25. After 4.50

Pick up for bag lot deals only till Sunday. Normally shorter time but I know people work .
Please let me know how many as some are limited amounts.

new fish , plants and supplies arrived. February 4th 2015

New fish

assorted males guppies , female guppies

Thailand glass cats

bala sharks

cories, albino, pepper, copper,

silver dollars

threadfin rainbows

red peacock cichlids

electric blue peacocks

blue dolphin Malawi

ob peacocks 7 cm

weather loaches


anubia barteri

apongetan crispus

bacopa carolianna

blyxa japonica

blyxa auberti

cabomba carolianna

indian fern

crypt wendtii green and bornze

pygmy chain sword

radican sword

heteranthera zosterfolia

hygro coryombosa compacta

hydrocoytle leucephala

water wisteria

hygro polysperma

four leaf clover

nesea pedicillata

potomagetan perfoliatus

rotala pink

roatala indica green

rotala macaranda

vals asiatica giant

val contortionist

windelov fern

vals rubra