Published by barley On September 23, 2017

Aquatic Plants for week of sept 26th

In vitro and potted grown from invitro. A few on hold for preorder .  – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:4007 Hastings st

Published by barley On August 30, 2017

New fish arrival aug 30th

Sterbai cories Panda cories Pygmy cories Red rainbows .5 available. Some Sold Gertrude rainbows !!! Last chance this year as only a summer offer Green neons Rummynose tetras Rio Morichal endlers Pinocchio shrimp -great for algae Blue Pearl shrimp Albino cories New bettas halfmoon, crowntail and veiltails Frogs Habrosus cories limited .  Yellow rainbows Assorted mollies Giant male guppys – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On August 24, 2017

New magazines arrived

– Posted by April Ross Amazonas and practical fish keeping August issues Location:Hastings St,Burnaby,Canada

Published by barley On August 22, 2017

Tropical plants and dragon stone, elephant stone arrived

Plants and stones arrived  Bolbitis heudelotti Cyperus helferi Wendtii green  Anubias nana Anubias barteri Crypt pinnatafida Trident Java fern Narrow Java fern Staurogyne 12 Monte Carlo 12 Xmas mass  Weeping moss Hygro siamensis Lobelia cardinalis 12 Rosters rotundifolia 12 Limnophilia hippuridoides Myriophyllum Guyana 12 Moss balls Hygro siamensis  Dragon stone arrived again  And elephant skin stone   One fish shipment from indo is delayed due to typhoons in indo!! Next Wednesday.  Other fish arriving…

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Published by barley On August 20, 2017

New aquarium racks

New racks are almost complete with airlines all installed and power bars ready. A few more lights to mount. Ready for new fish arrivals on Wednesday Aug 23rd. Tropica plants arriving also Tuesday aug 22nd. Dragon stone and elephant skin stone in stock.   – Posted by April Ross  Also bettas now have tiny sponge filters in…

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Published by barley On August 16, 2017

Dragon stone has arrived

 Dragon stone arrived . There’s some Very nice pieces!  I can also access elephant skin stone, leopard stone or seiryu stone on request .   – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On August 15, 2017

Renovations and upgrades

I am changing my tank systems around. Easier maintenance and each tank on its own filter . Less Climbing for me and easier viewing at eye level Here’s what I’m up to. Spent Sunday building new racks and at the same time draining and catching fish out of the mars system .  Monday disconnecting power , and loose Parts…

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Published by barley On July 22, 2017

Galaxy rasboras

  – Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On July 18, 2017

Practical fishkeeping magazine arrived

– Posted by April Ross

Published by barley On July 13, 2017

Fish ,plant and fish tank sale julu14,15,16th

Fish sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Buy two get one free.  Last chance this week for flex tanks on sale and manzanita  Flex 9 gallon 110.00 Flex 15 gallon 130.00 Manzanita 12-28.00 regular   20-40 Plants Anubias, swords ,  Buy two get one free     – Posted by April Ross Location:4097 Hastings st Burnaby bc

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