INCOMING FISH  flying in from Singapore german rams medium /large 8.50 electric blue balloon rams     16.00 sterbai cories                        8.50 red dragon guppies              4.50 emerald rasboras         4.00 orange cherry shrimp     3.00 chocolate gouramis        8.00 chocolate orandas          12.00 pearl scale goldfish         10.00   also swordtails wag and red arrived  5.00 safflower sailfin mollies       6.00

updated stocklist December 30th 2014


up to date list of fish.

emerald rasb oras

African lampeyes


guppies assorted

platies assorted

painted swordtails

assorted mollies

silver dollars

rosie barbs

Odessa barbs

spanner T barbs

large congo tetras

blue lobsters , red lobster

chocolate cichlid

assorted peacock Africans, electric yellow labs, vc-10,Jacob,red fin borlayi

powder blue dwarf gouramis, red and blue dwarf gouramis,

caucatoide apistos

Buenos aires tetra,penguin, emperor, pristella, cardinals,  ember, , neon, albino glowlight , ,marble hatchets ,red pencil fish ,red eye tetra

assorted cories,

L144 bushynose ancistrus, ottocinclus,

red zebra danios,

pearl gouramis, gold gouramis,

assorted rainbows

gold angelfish

goldfish, ranchu, pearlscale,oranda, bubble eye, ryukin, black telescope eye,

bettas, crown tail, halfmoom, plakat, delta tail long tail .platinum plakat big ear. female bettas

yellow and red juvenile discus ,blue angels

im sure I forgot some.










SANTA can preorder a 4 gallon or 8 gallon biorb tank preset up to be delivered Christmas eve !

Santa has already preordered one . He heard a family had asked for a black fish, a blue betta and a pink fish.

Tanks can be setup and running ready for taking home on the 24th of December. This way they are established and ready to go. Aprils Aquarium will work with Santa to drain a bit of water. When he gets to the families home he will re-add the rest of the water and plug it in. Fish already swimming .

4 gallon Biorb setup with a few fish and decorations. 150.00

8 gallon Biorb setup with 6 fish and decorations or plants. 170.00

Christmas flowers arriving


IMG_5817IMG_5795Christmas ,holiday season flowers, trees, holly, wreaths etc are arriving weekly.

Christmas cactus, poinsettias, amaryllis potted bulbs, spruce trees , Norfolk pines large pine cones in stock.

indoor tropicals also available. Succulents, vines, mums potted, begonias , etc.

cut flower bouquets in stock.

photos and updates on Aprils Aquarium

new shipment arriving November 5th 2014

Malayan multicoloured shrimp 3.00 sold out

red eye tetra medium 2.99

rummynose tetra medium 3.99cories. albino, copper, pepper small  3.99

Thailand glass catfish medium large 5.50

assorted plecostamus 5 cm. 4.99

furcata forktail rainbows medium 6.00

Ramirez dwarf cichlid (german blue rams )medium  8.00

(new batch) nov 15th

gold rams medium nov 15th

spotted green puffer medium 4.99  sold out

weather loach 9-10 cm 6.00

pearlscale goldfish 5cm 12.00

aquatic dwarf frogs 4.00  sold out

bettas. platinum plakat elephant ear. 16.00

halfmoom bettas. 16.00

crowntails 12.00

regular tail 5.00

delta tail 12.00 many colours some metallic.

female bettas large and voluptuous. : ) 4.50

many fancy angelfish a few discus left.

for requests please contact IMG_5355IMG_5648


omega one fish food is in .

buckets of flakes for tropical or goldfish for the multitank customers .


New angelfish and F1 discus strains coming up

These strains can be preordered or requested. projected shipment September 24th.
New discus and angel strains available for order from out partner Discususa.com
discus wild F1 Discus 2 to 5 inch.f1 alenquer , F1 Barra Mansa red , f1 royal blue
angelfish -Manacapura red shouldgers 2.5-3 inch
platinum glitters 3 inch , albino zebra red cap 3 inch , albino sunsets 1.5 inch , 1.5 inch green giants , rio nanay x copper 1.5 inch ,