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New fish shipment arrived march 22

Koi angels medium Neon tetras Cardinal tetras Lemon tetras Pretty tetra Rummy one tetras Red honey dwarf gouramis  Threadfin rainbows Galaxy rainbows  Butterfly halfmoons Scarlet badis  green shrimp     – Posted using BlogPress from my iPad Location:4097 Hastings st

Incoming shipment march 2nd

New shipment Tiger shrimp Crystal red shrimp Malaysian shrimp Clown loach SCARLET Dario Clown killies Tricolour fighting fish Demasonis cichlid Yellow lab cichlids Malawi blue dolphin Blood red parrot Keyhole cichlid Bolivian ram Holland blue Rams Galaxy rasbora Red axelrodi rasbora Mosquito rasbora Neon dwarf rainbows Madagascar rainbows Panda Cory Green septronalis Cory Copper Cory Pepper Cory Blue eye golden tricolour neon Diamond tetra Ember tetra Rocket pencil fish Rummynose tetra Zebra lace angel Platinum […]

Current stocklist feb

Apistogramma caucatoides apistogramma hongsloi apistogramma ortegai german rams electric blue rams cardinal tetras  green neon tetras peacock gobies stiphodon gobies sanke swordtsils kohaku swordtails assorted swords hifin platies tuxwdo platies black phantom tetras emperor tetras guppies  endlers black mollies sterbai cories julii cories albino cories assorted gouramis dwarf gouramis Lampeyes blue diamond angels pinoy blue angels bushynose pleccos butterfly goldfish ranchu goldfish oranda  goldfish assorted goldfish shrimp black, orange rili, super red, yellow, blue star […]

boxing week sale Dec 27th to dec 31

All fish 25 percent off New life spectrum 60 percent off Light fixtures and bulbs 60 percent off Christmas flowers 60 percent off Other random items 60 percent off Used 10 gallon tanks free worth purchases Used assorted tanks low prices Bettas fancy halfmoon and super delta tail 12.00 regular 20-25.00 Not open on actual Boxing Day as Monday is  my day off Save some money for Aprils Aquarium! New fish arriving Tuesday night .

Holiday season hours and new fish arriving

Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a great holiday and season Don’t forget to stop in for fishy friends and what have you Holiday hours are Posted below Closed 25th, 26th open Tuesday 27th open till 6 28th-31st 11-4 Anyone needing a later Or earlier time or. Meet up message me More fish arriving 27th evening Red endler pairs Yellow leopard Endler pairs Swordtails endler pairs Orange fringe lampeyes Black lyretail molly Dwarf gourami pairs […]

Holiday hours and sales

Christmas hours and sales Dec 23rd till 6 Pm Saturday Christmas Eve 11-4 Sunday closed dec 25th Monday closed Boxing Day Tuesday thru Friday 27th-31st 11-4 Closed New Year’s Day and Monday Jan 2nd Sales December 27th -dec 31 boxing week All fish 25 Percent off Light fixtures and bulbs half off Christmas flowers (poinsettias, orchids, amaryllis 1/2 off New Life spectrum fish food half off Plastic Plants , ornaments half off Bettas all on […]

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