Published by barley On June 14, 2019

Aquarium kit sale

Aquarium kit sale for one week Biorb cylinder 4 gallon Biorb 4 gallon globe Biorb 8 gallon globe Fluval flex 8 gallon Fluval flex 15 gallon Aquatop 6 gallon bookshelf x2 All 20 percent off

Published by barley On June 13, 2019

Indonesia tranship Bettas arrived

Next shipment Thailand arrived nine 25th Anyone wanting tranship from Thailand to Caanda I May have a holiday in July so may be a longer spread between shipments

Published by barley On June 13, 2019

Back at 3:30 pm

Thursday June 13th . At airport to clear betta shipment. Back about 3:30 pm today Thursday.

Published by barley On June 12, 2019

Indonesia tranship arriving June 14th

Indonesia tranship bettas arriving Friday around noon for anyone picking up. Anyone needing them mailed will have to mail Monday due to weekend. Contact for payment etc. Address,

Published by barley On June 7, 2019

Koi preorders

Koi requests . Anyone requesting koi I can take orders for June 25th arrival How many, size . 4 inch or 6 inch And colour suggestions White, gold, Black, red white, tricolour Preorder . Limited space To keep stocked . I can’t get exact photos but basic requests I can hopefully fill . Please contact…

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Published by barley On June 3, 2019

New shipment of tropical fish

June 4th Major shipment arriving tomorrow Pepper Cory Leopard Cory Sterbai cory Panda Cory Albino Cory Longfin panda Cory Pygmy Cory Red rainbowfish Electric blue ram Paskas blue eye rainbow Gertrude rainbow Chocolate gourami Pearl gourami Black phantom tetra Red beckfordi pencil NEon tetra Cardinal tetra Threadfin rainbow Real pinoy angelfish Female guppy Electric blue…

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Published by barley On May 31, 2019

Closed June 1

The hats off day and no traffic from Boundary to willingdon. Open Sunday 12-4 June 2nd. Sale on tetras, shrimp, snails , Making room for a new shipment. Help me empty some tanks! Buy 2 Get one free.

Published by barley On May 31, 2019

Goldfish have arrived

Demikens , giant Orandas Tricolour Orandas

Published by barley On May 29, 2019

May 30th open At 1 pm

1 Pm Thursday may 30th open at 1-6. Shipping fish in the morning .

Published by barley On May 21, 2019

Tranship dates

Indonesia vi joty Atmadjaja Shipment from Thailand via Preecha Ammara Tranship from Thailand confirmed . Arrival May 28th Fish need to be delivered May 27 to shipper. Both Shipments arrival May 28th evening

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