New aquatic plant shipment arriving june 15th 2015

heres a list of incoming plants. Thanks for looking !

Anubia barteri

anubia congensis sharp leaf

giant bacopa

blyxa japonica (japanese rush )

cabomba carolianna

indian fern ceratopteris thalicroides

crytocoryne retrospiralis sharp leaf balansae

crypt spiralis

crypt wendtii green

echinodorus marti (waving leaf sword )

echinodorus mitcheii  ruffled amazon sword

heteranthera zosterfolia

hygro coryombosa compacta

hygro difformis (water wisteria )

hygro polysperma

hygro rosanervis

marsila quadrifolia (four leaf clover)

microsorium pteropus (java fern)

valisneria corkscrew

valisneria contortionist (giant corkscrew singapore origin

valisneria americana natans

java fern windelov

apongetan undulatus submerged 4 leaf clover aquatic

New shipment of fish and plants has arrived. june 17th 2015

clown loaches 2 inch 8.00

apistogramma borelli small 12.00 each

paradise fish   6.00

pepper cories 4.00

long fin black bushynose ancistrus 12.00

cardinal tetras medium 2.99

guppies blue metallic and assorted 4.00


hygrophilia coryombosa compact

hygro polysperma

blyxa japonica

cryptocoryne balansae


crypt hundoro

ceratophyllum demersum

grand leaf java fern

windelov java fern

valisneria natans



ADA soil has arrived Amazonia and the cell culture carpeting plants and mosses are also in stock.


ADA Amazonia aquatic soil arriving this week

I will be stocking ADA Amazonia aquatic soil june 12th 2015.

All those beautifully water scapes done by Amano of Japan start with the soil! After is endless .

Let your imagine create beautiful aquariums.

add some tissue culture plants , hard scape,,ie driftwood, some feng shui rock design,,and enjoy your results.

ill be starting with 3 liter bags .






New tropical fish shipment arrived. June 8th 2015

black angelfish small 6.99

rummynose tetras medium 4.25

electric blue rams  medium 16.99

adolphois cories 13.99  rare to acquire . my favourite

pygmy cories 4.50

red scarlet indian badis 4.50

red fin stiphodon gobies 6.99

red line torpedo barb or denisoni barb medium good colour 18.00

red comet swordtails 6.99

pygmy gouramis 3.99

neon dwarf rainbows 6.00

cherry shrimp 2.50

neon rainbows

neon rainbows




pygmy cories

pygmy cories

new cell tissue aquarium plants have arrived

this is a new company importing into canada called Anubias . they have tissue culture plants that are void of snails, etc ready to plant. no copper or chemicals added so safe to rinse and add to shrimp tanks etc.

there are cups and carpet squares .

some of the kinds i have in stock right now are ;

hc in cups or carpet size

pogostemon helferi carpet

weeping moss

creeping moss

spikey moss

alteranthera reinicki mini

sagitaria subulata

micranthemum micranthemoides

micrantheumum monte carlo


in vitro plants  tissue  culture aquarium plants

in vitro plants
tissue culture aquarium plants